“Seriously Mom, I think it will work”

Ok…so living with a teenage boy means LOTS of bizarre things and lots of patience……My fairly bright son decided that his little pick-up truck could be converted to an SUV of sorts….hmmmm, I pondered it for a sec and reminded myself that this is a kid that is taking pre-calculus, chemistry, AP language and waited anxiously for the rest of this idea to come my way.  Well, he went on to say that he found a couch for free and that if he just put the sofa in the bed of his truck and attached some seat belts, VOILA-an SUV! Without fainting I calming asked 1) where are are you going to get seat belts? and 2) do you NOT realize that there are REGULATIONS for seat belt safety. Well, DUH MOM they sell seat belts at PepBoys–YAH, straps-replacement straps–not seat restraint units!  I stopped at that point because honestly, I was speechless.  How could this be coming out of my kids mouth?  are you serious???  His response, “yeah mom seriously I think it could work.”   I threatened him with his life if he even so once as considered driving anyone around on a cushion!  He assured me that it would be ONLY for ‘chillin’ at lunch. 

Fast forward a couple days….in my garage it appears to be a flurry of activity with cushions, glue, boards, loud music and very excited teenage boys.  What was left of the pathetic free couch was in a heap and the cushions were being “custom cut” to fit the truck and glued down with construction glue.  Without saying a word, I glare ferociously at him and he reminds me how cool it is gonna be at lunch.  

I must say miracles come in strange ways. This miracle came the very next day by way of a trade-in vehicle at the dealership my husband works at.  A beautiful, red, clean SUV—complete WITH seat belts that were checked by some safety engineer somewhere.  I quickly phone my son (as he is eating his tacos on the cushions in the back of his truck) and tell him of the car that was plopped into our world.    He goes after school to check it out and of course, loves it.  Long story short, he finds out what it takes to scrape glue off of the bed of his truck, take a load to the dump and sells the couch-free truck within days to buy the ready-made SUV……

I am always looking for the lessons in life.  Was this a lesson in sanity, humor, glue removal or just part of raising boys???



One thought on ““Seriously Mom, I think it will work”

  1. This was a helpful glance into my future. My boys are 11 and 9 but they must be somehow related to your son. Hilarious. The best my sons have come up with so far is gluing shoes to a skateboard…. so it’s kinda like a snowboard with wheels.

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