One more mouth to feed??

ok, so really when you are feeding three dogs and a cat, what is one little bird?  That is the question that fleeted through my brain this afternoon when my girl asked me to take her to the pet store to buy the parakeet she has been saving for…so there it is……one more little mouth to feed.  Now she had a guinea pig for several years and did ok with him.  There were times that she needed reminding to feed it and he really didn’t spend as much time out of the cage as he probably would have liked, but in the world of guinea pigs I think he was happy. 

On the way home after collecting our new family member, I reminded her that she needs to talk to him a lot.  In the world of autism I am thinking that this could be a good thing, she could ‘practice’ things she wants to say to the bird and then feel less anxiety and actually talk to people a little more.  She reminded me that she knew that she had to talk to him and duh! Mom she has the book on how to take care of a parakeet. 

We got the little guy all settled in and she was talking to him.  When I walked away to leave the two alone, she says, “So can I just talk to him tomorrow?”…….Ha!  I suppose in her mind, she talked to him and that was plenty for one day.  Good thing the bird has a mirror in his cage!  Seriously, I think it will be a great relationship!


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