Recent weeks….

Took a bit of a break from blogging…I have been enjoying the summer and the time. My recent weeks I have been a bit manic about exercising.  Actually made it to FIVE water aerobics classes last week, and also rode my bike a gazillion (ok , maybe not that many) miles, and walked the fabulous 4-legged kids each day. Throw in a couple yoga classes and whew! that is about it.  In my mind I rationalize it to ‘at least my addiction isn’t crack’.   Once I go back to work I am sure I will withdrawal, but my physical body and my dogs will be saying “thank god school started”.

So I will give a brief overview of my recent weeks–(not necessarily in order of importance!):

  • my Lab, Brooklyn is now crowned The Biggest Loser Dog Edition–weighing in at 87, down from 125+
  • I scored an additional Yoga class to teach, member requested-YEAH!
  • My boy came home from Texas happy and filled with stories
  • We are going to San Diego to celebrate our anniversary THIS weekend
  • My girl with autism is battling a raging case of anxiety…hmmmmm? school starts in a month…..
  • I got incredibly humbled on a bike ride that actually produced SADDLE SORES-ouch
  • been avoiding meditation–time or intent?

Now I am off to make a spaghetti pie for dinner. My family will be fooled in thinking that it is loaded with italian sausage .  According to my boys, it is really called “poser meat”….ahhh a little veggie/soy sausage never killed anyone…..



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