it can’t be almost the end of July!!!

I am feeling a bit of panic set in when I look at the calendar and realize that NEXT WEEK IS AUGUST!  NOOOOOOOO……it can’t be.  The start of the school year is approaching way too fast!  I return to work on the 11th and the kids return on the 14th…..of AUGUST!  I sure wish that summers could stretch into September, labor day, apple season, fall…whatever it is, but August is still summer!  I am trying to convince my self and my husband that the dogs really, really need me to stay home with them.  That isn’t going far, darn it. 

 It is not that I hate my job….I suppose when I think hard about it, I have a really good job.  I support students with autism and I work with the staff that supports the students with autism in the classroom.  I have been fortunate to see the probable future of my daughter and have quickly realized the thingsthat are must for her to know; how to self-advocate, how to navigate a social encounter, how money and time really work in the real world, independence.  I have learned that all the notes taken in a random science class is not really going to help the student with ASD apply for a job, interview for a job, get the job, show up to the job and keep the job.  Nor is a random world history credit going to help her to self-advocate when she is being treated unfairly, or is it going to teach her current time and how to independentlymanage her time.  Now, she may never get those concepts, withor without world history class, but seeing that so many students with autism are pushed academically, often because they have the IQ to handle it, and yet the missing pieces are those independent life skills that without, so many will be unable to live on their own.  So, seeing that in my job; the kiddos that have graduated and made it through Algrebra II, but have no idea how much 10$ will buy or that there is a ‘rule’ you follow when having to wait in line at the checkout or how to pay for their lunch at IHOP.  I vowed that would NOT be my girl and have since shifted her school focus to be life skills; money, time, job opportunuties, social opportunites and self advocating. 

So, in my gratitude mode, my job has been a blessing. I have met some truly wonderful people challenged with autism and their families. I work with a great team of people. I love being able to connect with a kiddo and know that perhaps for the only time that day, they felt good about themselves.  I try to show them that they are perfect just the way they are….really, we are all the nutty ones out there!  Seriously, aside from the crazy schedule, the many IEP meetings, the hoops we jump through…. the job isn’t bad.

But do we really have to start in August?


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