The good, the bad and the unknown

So the good first; picked a gorgeous yellow squash this morning and the beans are coming soon, saw a lovely white lotus blooming in my pond, Evan joined me on my early morning walk with the dogs–reminiscent memories of our trek up the Peak, went to the new Vitamin Cottage, made a fresh peach/blueberry pie, found Nike Shox on clearance for Evan and had successful speech therapy with Lindsey today.

The bad; forgot almond butter at the new Vitamin Cottage, attempted a bike ride but failed in this afternoon heat, did not feel like grocery shopping which means not a lot of choices for dinner (but it is after all Wednesday Yoga/Sushi night), the grocery budget is gone and the out-to-eat budget is gone, missed my weight class because I got a bad phone call (see unknown), and I think we may be having pancakes for dinner-wheat free of course!  The fact that they may be wheat free would make my kids add THAT to the bad……errrr.

The unknown; dinner, the results from my mammogram that indicated “abnormal density in contrast to previous study”, waiting for the follow-up diagnostic mammogram.

I sure like writing about the good better.  Tonight’s Yoga class theme will be positive thoughts for sure……


3 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the unknown

  1. I wish I could come to yoga tonight and give you positive thoughts in person. Instead I will send them to you remotely from Denver. Hang in there!

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