The End of July

Today I have felt an inner state of peace resonating from within.  Although today is the last day of July, which means school and back to work is rearing its ugly head, I am still walking around in a place of goodness, lightness, serenity. 

Maybe it is the multiple workouts that my body endured, the joy that my girl is having since her parakeet is adapting to being out of the cage and she is thrilled, perhaps the lovely coffee I shared yesterday with my dear pal Joe, or that Evan had a friend to hang out with all day.  Maybe it is that Ty was off from his landscaping job and was resting on the couch ALL day.  Then there was the really nice email that I got from my kids’ father that truly touched me.

Whatever it was today, there was a sense of ‘rightness’ in the way that the day has unfolded. 

As July comes to an end and yet, as I try to stay present with this moment, I think about August.  I look forward to the abundance that my garden will likely give me. I look forward to the beginning of my sons senior year in high school, my daughters final year in middle school and my baby just beginning middle school.  For me,  I am hopeful that I can continue to make a difference in the lives of those students with autism and that I can be blessed to keep learning and growing.

Peace…and Happy August…


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