meditation avoidance or not?

All summer I have walked past by meditation alter and thought ‘oh yeah I need to get to that’, but seems I never do….wonder what that is all about??? 

I had a pretty good meditation practice going and was really beginning to delve further into the deeper part of my essence.  I actually craved that time when all was still, even my typically racing mind.  I longed for the silence, the breath and sometimes the answers to the tough stuff that came to me.

I suppose that I could look at this hiatis from the formal, sitting on my cushion practice as spiritual growth or even simpler–a break!  Really my daily walks alongside the pine trees and ever present boulders in the canyon is a meditation all in itself.  Perhaps my own essence is trying to show me that meditation and presence comes in all areas, not just on the cushion. 

I got it!  Still think I will dust off the alter and have a little ceremony of renewal!  :)



2 thoughts on “meditation avoidance or not?

  1. This reminds of the night we slept at your house in 9th grade and discussed the afterlife and came to man astounding conclusions. Glad to see your mind is still working in this wonderful way!

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