different, not better

However many times I accept in my mind the fact that I have a daughter that is developmentally delayed, there are weak moments of motherhood when my deepest, most internal thoughts ask, “what IF she was typical?”  How different would all of our lives be?  Different-YES, better-NO.

I find myself observing her and thinking WOW! if we all could think and behave in the way that she does, our world be a much kinder and more accepting one.

Some may say that her “clueless-ness” of social norms is autism, maybe it is, but the “clueless-ness” that I observe is an acceptance and open mindedness that this world is lacking. 

She has never described someone as black, retarded, fat, poor, crippled or handicapped. She lives and participates in life with absolutely NO labels.  She truly sees the person; not the color, the race, the beliefs, the status or the ability…just the human being.  Would that happen if she was ‘typical’? 

Learning from her has been the greatest gift in my life.  So again, yeah our lives would be different, but it would defintley not be better.


3 thoughts on “different, not better

  1. I read this out loud to my fiancee, and he thought I was reading to him what I was getting ready to post. Very well put, and a great read.

    I also have a daughter with special needs. She is now 19 and has the speech of a one year old. Fortunately, I have been blessed because she can hear and understand everything we say. She always has a smile on her face. Our family has learned so much from her. I believe god sends special children to special people; therefore we get to learn extra special stuff. Again, a great read – thanks for sharing! wow…

  2. Cheryl,
    Thanks for your kind words. I too believe just what you said that we are sent this special people to learn the extra special stuff. I am proud that she chose me to be her Mom. And you too, for being blessed with a gift–you must have been chosen too! Peace, Stacie

  3. So true, so true. It is a gift and an amazing, yet so simple one. It’s a pity we can’t all see the world that way. That we make it so hard.

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