furry legs and ‘rules’

Those darn rules of social acceptance!  For weeks I have been reminding Lindsey that she needed to shave or nair her furry legs.  We have planned a “return to school” pedicure, but a stip was that the hair get removed.  Now you may ask, “why should I care if she doesn’t care?”  Now that is a tricky one; I am thrilled on one hand that she does not care one iota about her hairy legs and what people may think, on the other hand it is just another reminder that autism lives in our home. 

She is not resisting the smooth legs to make a statement or be ‘au natural’, she truly could care less about those stupid social acceptance rules much of our society lives by.  I try and I try, I really try… to let these things go.  But I also remember being in 8th grade and wanting to fit in.  I wonder if she wants to fit in, and does she realize that having man-hair legs will, sadly, interfere with “fitting in”. 

 I wish that it didn’t matter, but it does.  I am glad that to her, it doesn’t matter.  I wish that we could all find that space of really being perfectly OK with who we are–furry legs and all.

Oh…and in case you are wondering–they are smooth as silk–thanks to the jumbo size nair and some well spent mother/daughter time in the bathroom….:)


6 thoughts on “furry legs and ‘rules’

  1. Ohh my new friend, it is a challenge! And just for a lovely thought—bikini line “maintenance”–that is a humbling experience. I wish the world could take a little bit of the “I am fine the way I am” attitude……but those social “rules”….argghhhh Best of luck, thanks for reading and sharing…

  2. I forgot about shaving too. Rachel is 9 and we are also dealing with the getting used to bra thing. It’s good to see you come out on the other side in 1 piece and Nair worked for her. I’ll have to try that in a few years with my girl.

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