Gratitude at summers end

Today I enjoyed the last of my summer vacation. It has been a wonderful summer filled with great hikes, bike rides and relaxation. 

Waking up early on a summer day and walking as the sun rises has to be one of my favorite things to be a part of; the stillness, the freshness and the beauty of the coming alive.

As summer breaks concludes, I find myself filled with gratitude for the experiences that I have had this summer. The daily walks with the dogs, the bike rides into Seven Falls Canyon, the trips to Denver and Elitches, our anniversary trip to San Diego, Evan’s fabulous trip to Texas, planning senior year with Ty, therapeutic rec program for Lindsey, scoring an additional Yoga class to teach at the gym, swimming, taking a few fitness classes, building a carin atop a rock formation at Palmer Park, getting a parakeet, reading a book or two and simply enjoying summer with my kids and my family.  I am grateful too for my health, my love for life and my peace within. 

I look forward to fall for the abundance my garden will bring, the excitment of a new school year and senior year for Ty, re-establishing my morning meditation, cool mornings and settling into the chaotic routine of football practice, schedules and homework.

Gratitude. Finding balance.


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