Can this really still happen??

School started this week.  In an elementary classoom there were some parents chatting as the students settled in.

It was in this classroom, my co-worker overheard a parent say to another parent something in the way of, “ohhh, so it looks like ‘those’ students will be in here too.”  ‘Those’ students would be the ones impacted by a variety of disabilities. 

Do people really feel that way?  Isn’t this 2008?  Have those fortunate families not (yet) been effected by a disability?  So shallow, so heartless, so unbelievable.

So often we hear that the child with special needs can learn so much by being intergrated with typical peers.  Yet, some people forget what typical people can learn from those with special needs; far more than any character education program or school-wide ‘acceptance’ schpeel.

Outrage and sadness.


5 thoughts on “Can this really still happen??

  1. This is a fear and control thing. When people fear they will lose control because an unknown variable enters into their world view they freak out. This is the reason for every type of prejudice. Yes, it still happens. I have found the only thing we can do is teach our children to guard against it. To embrace diversity, of race, of language, of skills, of gifts. It takes all kinds. Learning means growing and some people are content to stay in the rut. Sad but true. I’ve read your words about what you have gained personally from your daughter and what she brings to the world. Far more growth than would have happened had she not come to you the way she is. Cherish that and show the way to the others.

  2. Or who knows? Maybe she was implying there would be those ‘normal’ kids cluttering up the special kids’ days with their useless social chatter and unfocused attitudes. Don’t you hate when they do that? :)

  3. UUGGGGHH!! I hear ya Stace…. It simply makes me sick! Why?? Fear, Control, or simply Mean Heartedness?!?! All of the above unfortunately! All the more reason we need teachers and mom’s like you in our schools!

    BTW — JR is doing so great!! Love him Love him Love him!!!! He makes me love what I do, and I love EVMS!! The staff is awesome, and of course I LOVE my JR’s!!!!!!!!!!!!

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