wonderful day filled with silence and thoughts

What a wonderful day that I am having.  Kids are at school, house is quiet.  I am actually off today and I am grateful for a much needed break from the madness.  I enjoy my job a lot (working on the Autism Team for our school district) but the start of this year has been grueling–many new kiddos and many profoundly impacted by autism.  Wow! 

So my day off looked like this:  made some breakfast for the troops, packed lunches and sent them on their way.  Next I took my dogs to the park and let them run, sniff and explore.  I was so in awe with the quietness of the trails, the silence of the trees and rocks around me–absoultey glorious!  I found my mind wandering, yet staying very present with each step.  Amazing that one can be so deep in thought, yet hearing each step of the shoe in the gravel.  Love that! 

Got home and headed to the gym to take a strength class.  Lots of weights, lots of reps.  My triceps were quivering as I sat silently in the steam room, again deep in thought.  Thinking of nothing, yet thinking of everything.

Came home after grabbing a smoothie and here I am.  I need to plan my yoga class tonight, perhaps meditate for a bit and get some laundry put away.  I suppose the day cannot be completely carefree–there is reality; laundry, floors, dinner and taxi-ing kids around.  Soon the door will be flying open with “I’m home!”……for now I am sitting with the silence surrounding me. 

Again I find myself in thoughts…Love that!


2 thoughts on “wonderful day filled with silence and thoughts

  1. I love this line, “Thinking of nothing, yet thinking of everything.” I know exactly what you mean. I lose myself in that at times.

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