the short order cook

The last week has put a whole new twist to a mom being like a short order cook. 

I don’t eat wheat and most meat, an occasional turkey burger here and there but for the most part it is beans and veggies.  My girl is on this new protein and minimal carbs thing, so that takes care of the wheat-y things for her and me but she is not a bean eater. The boys love pasta and potatoes and good ol’ flesh. The boys can also sniff out any type of “faux/poser meat” like the best. 

That all boils down to no wheat/no meat for me.  No wheat, losta meat for her.  Meat for them and wheat for them.  Remembering all that is the first challenge.  Pleasing everyone is the next challenge.  Trying to be okay with some occasional meat is another.

What is a mom to do????     

Oh….the good news, my girl has lost 8 pounds in 5 days and feels GREAT!


2 thoughts on “the short order cook

  1. Wow – she’s doing great! That’s awesome!

    I too feel like a short order cook. With C’s food freakiness, his allergies/sensitivities, I always made him separate meals. He didn’t care as he didn’t want to eat what we ate. Now I’m gluten free and casein free myself, so there’s a bit more crossover. Fortunately Husband will eat ANYTHING.

    But this weekend, my whole family was here. I’m GF/CF with multiple food allergies and am on a doctor ordered rotation/elimination diet at the moment. My sister-in-law is a vegetarian. My Mom won’t eat fish. My Dad won’t eat anything that isn’t processed and unhealthy and only iceberg lettuce for salad. My brother and husband will eat whatever is put in front of them. I used every burner multiple times in trying to put a simple spaghetti dinner with salad down for everyone! LOL!

    The things we do….

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