handing it all back…yeah!

Nothing is random.  Funny thing happened to day. 

I was meeting some co-workers at a great lunch spot after a training session at a school.  As I walked into the restaurant and turned the corner, boom! there sat the incredibly difficult person that caused me so much outrage last week.  This is the man that tested my intention, my heart and my knowledge.  Why, I asked the Universe, did things align for me to run right into him???  And to add to it, I was seated directly across from him with only a small table separating us.  

Perhaps there was still work to be done with this man.  Maybe the lesson wasn’t over.  I quickly figured out that until I gave him back all the issues and negativity that he handed to me, I would probably continue to run into this guy.  Really.   This was his “stuff” that he tried to dump on me.

As he got up to leave our eyes met again.  I smiled, waved and energetically handed him back all the crap he handed me last week.


3 thoughts on “handing it all back…yeah!

  1. Found you through asdmommy’s blogroll. Love your blog. I feel your pain, as a fellow short-order cook, and I totally get the difficulties of raising a child with autism and low IQ (my son Taz is a big ditto). Congrats on your girl’s weight loss. Bravo on your spiritually-enlightened response to the “difficult person” (how tactfully put). And thanks for confirmation that we always get what we need if we keep our eyes and hearts open. I certainly got what I needed by reading your words.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! I will check out your blog too—love the connections with like-minds and like-circumstances! peace, S

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