diapers vs. driving

Did I really once a long time ago wish for my kids to be more independent?  Out of diapers and showering on their own?  Driving and looking at colleges?  Did I really hurry that along??

Teenagers are killing me, kinda like a slow bleed.  Most days are great, but lately it has been trying, in fact I feel like years are being taken off my life.

Really my oldest is a great kid.  This week however has been a test of my patience; a new girlfriend that is consuming his every thought, over due car insurance that is waiting on him getting paperwork signed, a fender bender in a parking lot in which he was late to 4th hour (again), college application, a dwindling savings account, three days in a row of tardy phone calls and the already way too early, senior-itis!

My girl is SICK of protein shakes, protein bars and chicken so mealtime is full of negative comments and picking at her plate. She has been in a fairly good mood overall though.  She recently did a poster project that required her to list everything in her life that she loves.  Would you believe that ‘Untold stories of the ER’ and ‘Animal Rescue-Houston’ made it on there but her beloved MOTHER is not mentioned??  Plums, pizza, her dogs, her “evil” step dad, her brothers and even SCHOOL—but not ME???  Ugh…and she has never even eaten a plum.  I rationalize it that this is her ‘autism’.  Her reality is that I am included in all of these things anyway and that to mention that she loves me is simply another one of those social things that is obvious and totally unnecessary to talk about.

My youngest got his CPAP today so the drama of a new routine to establish.  The cleaning, the maintenance, the wearing of it.   So far, he remains a young boy at heart and not too teenager-ey.  In fact, I saw him at school today and he even acknowledged me!  He is just so busy with friends and doing his thing he kinda forgets about the rest of us til it is dinnertime or he needs a ride somewhere.

I remember the days when I looked forward to this time with anticipation.

Hmmm…it was easier in some ways–they adored me, there were no girlfriends competing for my attention, they ate whatever I put on their Blue Clues plates and I knew their location at all times.


6 thoughts on “diapers vs. driving

  1. Thanks for the reminder of not to take the young years for granted! :)

    I often find myself wishing for the future and then wonder if I’m enjoying the stage that we are currently at. I will do better with that tomorrow!

    My guess is that it is that obvious. Your girl loves you whether or not she put it on that piece of paper. (Although I know, sometimes it would be nice to have that affirmation.)

  2. I have four boys … two diagnosed on the autistic spectrum and just sent my baby to kindergarten. A lot of what you are saying rings clear intensesimplicity.wordpress.com

  3. Wow, said with such grace…teens are a challenge, everyday, no matter what, for the rest of our lives, but what a challenge! I wouldn’t miss for the world..thanks for reminding me, to be thankful for my teens, no matter what they say, what they look like, no matter what direction they take in life…wow, they are my teens, mine, and I wouldn’t have it any other way…TYJ

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