the senior tribute

I got a notice today that it is that time to submit a senior tribute to my soon to be high school graduate.  This includes a little diddy that is my own thoughts or wishes and a baby picture to be placed in the yearbook.

Gosh, where do you even start to be limited to just 25 words for this tribute?  I want it to be meaningful, but defintely not cheesy–well at least as minimally cheesy as one could make it. 

Most of the tributes that I have read are pretty basic; “good luck, we are so proud, you will be so successful”, blah blah blah.  Well of course as parents we think that.  Do parents ever really consider writing things that they are really feeling?  Things like, “thank god this is over and you are moving out, I didn’t think you would ever graduate,  can’t wait to clean out your room, stay out of jail or I am too young to be a grandparent”.

I will spend the weekend thinking about my tribute and looking for baby pictures that are not too mortifying–no nudies. 

I will strive to not be too lame with my words of wisdom for his future and my reflections of his past years since starting school.  

Although it might be kinda funny to say what others may only think…:)


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