more social skills….

Another one of the pesky social skills.  Saying “goodbye” when you leave the house.  Fairly important, both now and as an employable skill. 

Often I am busy frantically trying to get out the door by 7:00am, the coming and going of the bus is a blur.  It would be great, in the social world, to have a “bye Mom”, but in the functional world,  EVEN better.

I can get past a lot of the social skills that seem really pointless.  However, I envision a job someday and the task being done, the shift being over and her just walking out, without that final farewell, completion.

Of course I will stand in her way, remind her that she should tell me something, but at the moment her bus is waiting—not such a good idea.  The focus is the bus, not humoring Mom.

I created a visual for the font door.  It says–When I leave the house I can say: bye, see ya, I am leaving, I am outta here, or love you(ha). 

Of course,  I should have asked what she might WANT to say, but I think I may have heard something really not nice….


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