we all survived

The house is intact.  The kids are alive.  The basement is aired out.  The 12 year old is tired. 

At one point all the boys were holding their noses and gagging at the smell of someone’s bad gas. 

The pizza boxes were emptied and the chips were devoured.

The sound of the burps and ooohhhs and ahhhhhs were heard til late into the night, or early into the morning.

It will be an early to bed night for everyone.

Until next birthday……


3 thoughts on “we all survived

  1. “Until next birthday …”? Are you mad? I think the excess boy gas went to your head. After a party like that, I need several weeks to recover before even thinking about the possibility that I’ll ever do it again.

  2. OH, dear Lord! I guess we need to build a basement, because I can’t stand the thought of a party like that anywhere in a house BUT the basement. Hmmm…the garage? Is that mean??? ;-)

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