She is….

I guess we all grieve and process in our own ways.  For me, I want to see my girl first, autism second or third. I am saddened when I see parents desperate for a cure or an answer to the cause, often without truly seeing the child. 

I don’t recall questioning the cause or ever looking for the answer. It just simply IS

I see first that she is a girl. She is caring. She is funny.  She tries hard.  She sees the good in all people.  She lives without judgement.  She likes to color.  She loves chocolate.  She worries that her family will be safe.  She likes order.  She is cute. 

She is mine.  And yes, she has autism too.


4 thoughts on “She is….

  1. Your comment reminded me that I wanted to comment on THIS post! I saw this minutes after finishing my own “IS” post, and it just made me smile that sometimes we all have the same thoughts. It’s nice not to be alone, isn’t it?

    You truly are at peace!

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