anxiety UP, and down

The last week or so has been a bit challenging with my girls anxiety rearing its ugly head again.  She was back to refusing to talk, arms crossed, I got some non-verbal gestures/nods to my questions, but that is about it.  Until today.

Today was the breakthrough in her recent anxiety.  I had to do some investigating but today I got the answers to what was bugging her.

  • she hasn’t shown up to “work” at the library and I reminded her that people get fired for that.  She was afraid to face them.
  • she was being pre-taught how to present her current event to her class.
  • the para eating lunch with her (UGH!!) was reminded that her job is NOT to be her friend, safety net in the cafe taken away.
  • an opportunityto work with typical kids in Student Council after-school painting posters and working the concession stand, after-school=schedule change!
  • one teacher reminding the 8th graders that they “are almost in high school”, yet another safety net yanked, in her mind.
  • she is SICK of chicken nuggets and peanut butter, she is just hungry.

Today she successfully presented her current event, she showed up to “work” only to be faced with stacks of books to be circulated, she sat with a peer partner at lunch, she LOVED the concession stand and is going back tomorrow and a field trip to the high school is planned and it is only OCTOBER! Yeah! 

She is still hungry, but tonight was soup and sandwiches, a favorite for her.

I find it fascinating at all the things that happen in a course of a few days that can lead her to extreme anxiety. 

A good reminder for us all just how hard these things are for her and that each little step towards independence and success needs some serious celebrating!


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