the slow bleed

Did I mention in an earlier post the slow bleed feeling that comes with raising teenagers?  And the frustrating part of it all, he is a good kid making really really bad choices.

After an incredible day off spending time in nature, in a great Yoga class and later on my bike, I get the phone call.  I had already had the “mom, I someone hit my car” about a week ago so I felt that we can tackled that with minimal drama.

Today’s call.  “Mom, I got a ticket”.

The bleed continues.


One thought on “the slow bleed

  1. Oh, dear, I am so not ready for this stage. Even though it’s years away for us, I still fret about it in the back of my head. Yikes. Drivers. Here’s hoping this week is better!

    It WILL be a better week! Thanks!

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