my jobs

I rarely post about my job(s), unless it is to remind myself to take a breath and be grateful.

Of course my main job is being a mom, which we all know encompasses a bazillion things; cook, cheerleader, laundry goddess, nagger, homework monitor, nurse, nutritionist, advocate, maid, slave, servant, toilet scrubber, taxi driver, etc…Love, love, LOVE being a mom and wouldn’t trade a second of it.

Second job: Autism Program Tutor.  Really what that means is that I work on the autism team in a school district supporting students and training staff that teach kids with autism.  I get to help program for kids, develop social skills curriculum/opportunities, train staff, work directly with students, educate peers about autism, provide strategies for regular education teachers and basically be on a 4 person team that supports over 300 students in our district with autism.  Yah, whew that is a job. Like any job, there are things to love about it and hate about it.  The thing that I am most grateful for is that I have the opportunity to see these students at age 19 and see first hand where the work needs to be. (social skills and independence) Having this job has opened my eyes and has helped me to make decisions about my girls future that I may not otherwise have done.  On the flip side, I have a first hand parents perspective of raising a child with autism, therefore, I can empathize with parents and teach others to display compassion when facing parents that are in the process of grief and understanding.   Stressful?  Oh yes, which is why I work a four day work week so that I can exercise myself crazy to release the emotions.

My third job is a Yoga instructor at a gym.  I was hesitant to take on this venture, but with the support of my Yoga teacher, I took the training a couple years ago.  I have also studied in Seattle incorporating Yoga as modality to work with the special needs population  to address emotional regulation and self esteem, among other things. That is my dream, but for now I get to teach to regular folks at a gym.  Pure bliss, pure sanity, pure release for me.  I can’t explain the wonderful feeling I get when I feel the energy of others as they enter the studio frantic from the drive and their busy workday, and then to see them have to peel themselves off the mat at the end of the practice and float out of the studio with a new perspective, a new sense of calm and an overall place of peace. 

I find all my “jobs” to be incredibly gratifying; motherhood to autism support to yoga instructor.  All a form of ‘healing’, all a place to give my best, and I get to step back and see the changes and the growth. 

I simply love that.


7 thoughts on “my jobs

  1. How do you do it all? You talked in your last post about the “slow bleed”, and that’s how I feel when I’m working, like I’m giving away my energy. I had a job working with families of kids with mental illness, and within months I completely fell apart. Talk about a codependent’s nightmare, not to mention all the opportunities to see the worst-case scenarios that could be my future.

    Really, how do you do it?

  2. Ya know, I am passionate about these kids, but I also know that I just gotta get away from it. Seeing the future is both frightening as well as educating. I have been in this position 7 years and it is exhausting. I have my eyes open for other opportunities–making coffee at Starbucks looks appealing most days…:)

  3. How do you get into yoga? I guess what I’m asking is how you’d recommend a f/t working mom of 4, two with special needs, learn yoga without going to a class? I already treadmill 4-5x a week, pilates, weight lift, and I think adding yoga in as a strengthener and stress reliever would be perfect…if I’m being realistic. ;) Great blog entry!

  4. You can begin with some DVD’s at home to learn the basics. A class would help to guide you as well and soon you may find yourself developing your own personal practice at home, going thru a sequence of poses that you enjoy. Practicing Yoga has changed my life on all levels–and I no longer YELL! :) Blessings.

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