what is that sound???

One day I was returning from a walk and I heard this wailing, moaning, bellowing coming from the side of my house.  What is that sound??  I could hear it from all the way across the street?  My gosh, the neighbors have to hear that too??  As I got closer, I realized that it was my girl singing. :)

When L comes home from school she does a few things, and yeah, they are fairly routine.  She drops her bag, heads right to her room, slams the door, does a little self talk (“ok, so that wasn’t such a bad day.”  or “ughhh, thank god that it over”), grabs her ipod and that is where it all begins. 

The louder she sings, the more her bird squawks–we can’t figure out if he likes it or is pleading for silence.  She has NOOO idea how loud she is singing or that the neighborhood is enjoying a version of American Idol right here in the middle of suburbia.

Each and everyday as she comes home and finds comfort in blasting out some vocals, I smile and feel a sense of awe at how wonderfully at peace with herself she is. 

God knows I would never sing that loud with people in earshot…


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