in the mind of

If I could write about all the things I have learned about my girl’s life by listening to her self talk conversation while she soakes in the tub, I would fill pages and pages.

When she was young and had a really really hard time expressing herself and the demands of the world were just too much, I would sit outside the bathroom with a notebook and take notes.  It was really the only way I could help her, and myself, process all that she is faced with in a day.  Now believe me there were times that I thought she was completely crazy and the thoughts of a serious mental health issue did cross my mind.  Now I realize that it was just the pragmatics of language that made her sound as though she was talking to someone, not herself.

It was only when I began to really listen to her did I begin to grasp just how amazing she is.  She talks about school, her brothers, what the day was like, her Mother (ha) and what she plans to do. At times I have to walk away for the laughter is boiling out from me.  Other times, I am saddened at how hard things are for her.  Mostly, it gives me great material to talk to her about at other times; what happened in Art today, who she sat with at lunch, what she is wanting to do over the weekend, etc.

It is really fascinating to get into the mind of a child with autism.  This is about as close to doing that as I am going to get, at least for now.


6 thoughts on “in the mind of

  1. My son talks to himself in the bath too, and I’ve never really tried to listen. Now I’m really curious about what he’s been saying!

    It is amazing how they process and what you learn!! :)

  2. Do you put epsom salts in her bath? My little guy gets SO relaxed and talkative in the bath, and moreso when I drop in the epsom salts. I had a one-on-one day the whole day today, with my other kids all busy, and the stories I heard..I love it!

    I love the idea of epsom salts! She loves bubbles and things so that is another special thing to toss in…..funny how they process for the world to hear, eh??

  3. One of my favorite things to do is put C to bed and then go sit near the other end of the monitor and listen. He yaks and yaks and yaks – to his stuffed animals, to himself, to the sky. It’s so charming and insightful, and I love doing it. Looks like I’m not the only one! :-)

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