should have listened

Should have listened.  Should have listened.

I had a great day.  Met a wonderful old friend, and mentor, for tea this afternoon. Had some great conversations and loved the time to re-connect.

Then I decided that I would rush to the gym to take a weights class then hit the steam room.  I second guessed many times that I should just stay home.  Be gentle with myself.  Take care of myself.  Maybe catch a good meditation, or nap.  Oh no, I gotta push myself.

I finish the class and head to the steam room.  I touch the gigantic steam room glass door.  It SHATTERS all over me.  Glass everywhere.  My hands are bleeding.  My feet are bleeding.  I look like I have glitter all over my body. 

Long story short….I have scratches all over my hands and my eyes are very sore, either from all the flushing or from some scratches.

Should have listened.  Hate those darn life lessons.


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