reminded, with gratitude

Because my job requires me to consult with many schools in our district, I am privileged to be able to see a variety of students impacted with autism. 

Privileged?  Oh yes, very privileged.

Some days it is a reminder of the work I need to do to help my girl and some days it is a reminder of how far she has come.  I see parents in all stages of grief, acceptance and pure hope.  I see students with autism doing great things and I see those that are so profoundly impacted it makes me weep.

Not only is autism devastating in itself, but to include being blind or deaf to the “puzzle” is something that I cannot grasp.  Bless those children, for they are here to teach us.

Today that lesson was that handed to me by a reminder to be grateful for all the things in my life I may take for granted; my vision, my ability to hear, my intact sensory system and my ability to communicate. 

Most of all I am grateful for having crossed passed today with those children so greatly impacted, on so many levels.


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