for all people


Isn’t that exactly what we as humans innately want to believe for ourselves? 

We all as humans, have the ability to BE.  To believe that whatever we seek, WE CAN. 

Each and every day I see the struggles in people with disabilities, including my daughter, and I watch how with ferocious attempts each of them use their own strengths and abilities to believe in themselves to overcome those challenges and learn that YES I CAN. 

Beyond color, age, sex, disability, the message has been heard.  The people have spoken and our country has shown tremendous growth. 

I cannot recall a day in my life that I have ever been more proud.  I am proud of the growth, the change, the voice.  For all people.


One thought on “for all people

  1. I am beyond thrilled. I have to admit, when talking to friends from home, politics makes me the most anxious. But I was down there recently and was just astounded by the number of people at the Obama headquarters on 8th and Cimmaron. That more than anything lifted my heart with hope that Obama stood a chance in this election. I was dreaming of a blow out and nervous for a long drawn out legal battle, but just so relieved that my country proved me wrong and made me proud.

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