Meditation, awareness and all that good stuff

Tomorrow is IEP day.  I am surprisingly calm on the eve of this traditionally very stressful day. 

My girl has been working for weeks on introducing us to her team at school.  I am playing completely dumb in that I am telling her that I have never met her teachers, which I have.  We have role played and practiced.  I will be incredibly surprised if she does not say, “this is my hillbilly, oat eating evil step-dad” and my “mom that is a tree hugging granola head”.   That is her usual mantra.

On another note and speaking of mantra, I have been taking a meditation class and really finding it enjoyable.  I actually have a fairly good meditation practice, but it is always wonderful to learn more.

Recent conferences in the autism world are suggesting that people with ASD learn to develop meditation and yoga practices.  YEAH!  It has changed my life on so many levels and I would love to assist those with disabilities learn these valuable tools in self discovery and body awareness.  In fact as I often dream about my future and purpose, I dream about teaching yoga to people facing life challenges.

I recently began to look into my community to find out how I could turn this ‘dream’ into a reality.  Aside from extending my current job on the autism team and integrating this into the schools and social skills, I want more.  Bigger, more people.  Adults with disabilities.

I looked at our local recreation program for adults with disabilites…….I have an appointment with the board for Therapetuic Rec in January!!   YAH! 

I am preparing what I will say, how I will express my desire to bring this to these very special people and look forward to the possibility of changing my career.

I will look inward to finding my way without expectations.  Simply let the pieces fall into place.  It seems that when I don’t resist, and just BE….the answers come.  When I attempt to take that to all levels of my life, life certainly gets slower and easier!

Love that!


3 thoughts on “Meditation, awareness and all that good stuff

  1. Sounds like you have found your passion and purpose. Good for you! Others have a challenge with this for quite some time. Once you have found it, things all start to fall into place and it surely sounds like they are.

    Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  2. You are just so amazing! Hope the IEP went well and best of luck on the future job endeavors.

    Side note: will be in C Springs this Sunday for a reunion meeting at 2:00. Any chance we could hook up after?

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