time off and reflections

ahhh, finally time for Thanksgiving break.  I am off tomorrow and then off all next week.   As I look forward to the time away, I find myself also looking at the recent events in a different light.  While I was emotional and outraged at the frustration that comes with the job, I also realize the growth that comes with challenge.

The peer centered learning/social skills group has become a wonderful place to see these kids shine.  The problem solving and learning from peers instead of adult directed is phenomenal!  I am so proud to be part of this exciting direction the autism world in our school district is taking.

My girls IEP went well and I look forward to continuing to challenge her with jobs at school and the opportunities to sabotage her to gain self advocating skills.  She continues to amaze me with the smart food choices she is making.  She even opted for salad instead of fries when we went out last weekend.  The rigidity of autism is paying off!  ha!

With all struggles comes growth, lessons and reflection.  Just one more thing I am grateful for…..


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