A few weeks ago I said to a friend that I wish I could make myself relax on a day off.  Typically I squeeze in as much endorphin producing exercise that I can and never just sit.  Just sit.  Sit.

I am now sitting.  And sitting. And more sitting.

I injured my knee and have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon next week. 

Interesting that prior to the injury, I had an idea to go to the library and get some books.  I also went and got three skeins of yarn to do some knitting.  Funny how the world works.  I asked for the time to sit.  So I sit.

One of the greatest things about this is that my oldest son is now the chauffeur.  I even got to drive the motorized grocery cart while he followed behind mortified.  I reminded him that all this driving around is pay back for all the diapers I changed and that it was a snapshot of his future when I am elderly.  He was not amused.  I gently told him that he needs to be glad that is just a taxi service and he isn’t changing MY diaper.

I am trying to be patient with sitting.  I am trying to love to sit.  It is a bizarre thing to just sit.  Sit and read.  Sit and knit.  Hmmmm.  Sit.  Weird.

I did go to the gym yesterday to sit in the sauna–I HAD to sweat……but I did it SITTING!


3 thoughts on “sitting

  1. Perhaps you will learn to appreciate the view from the sitting position. ;-) But I do love the humiliating the oldest son part. It’s nice to do so while we can still enjoy it, right? LOL….seriously, hope the knee gets better soon. Ouch. And I hope you did injure it while doing something fun instead of just tripping or something…

    Oh yah, I was doing something fun–teaching Yoga….thanks for the well wishes!

  2. Stacie,

    I do believe your knee injury happened for a reason – patience, sitting and listening, your body needs to calm down, etc. You will be fine – I am sure of that. Listen to your body and learn patience and sitting, just for a little while. I know as soon as the knee heals you will be off and running again, so enjoy this time.

    I read all your posts today and your daughter’s thanksgiving letter. It was wonderful! You are lucky to have each other. And I am lucky to know you as a friend.



  3. Hey, sign me up for your yoga class! Then, show me that EXACT move you did when you hurt your knee.
    I SO need to sit. Just sit. And relax. (And the time in the hyperbaric oxygen tube doesn’t count because I’m squeezed in there with my wiggly boy and I’m tortured by the Dora DVD!)
    Hope you feel better soon!

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