stolen chocolate and more furry legs

Two things happened today.  In the autism world, I think they are huge.  Comical and huge all at once.

I set my girl’s dinner on the table while I began to empty the dishwasher.  She jumped out of her chair and said, “Mom, I will put the glasses away.”  I thanked her for offering  but her PT was coming so she needed to get eating.  “No, Mom I want to help you.”….hmmmm

I glanced up to my not-so-secret chocolate stash that happens to be in the glass cabinet…..and there was the real reason for her eager offer to help me out….the crumbled wrapper was the evidence that would catch my little theif.

So she really didn’t lie, but she was attempting to hide the crime….funny. 

Earlier she had shorts on (yes, it is December) and I glanced at her very furry legs.  She quickly crossed them so that I wouldn’t see them  (awwww)  and I just told her that I am fine with furry legs if she is. 

Again, she was looking at ME for my reaction.  What??  Looking at me??  Like joint attention??  Perspective taking? She cares what think?  Can that be???   One of the very core challenges of autism and yet here we are in this very typical moment.

WHOOOHOOO….I will take the furry legs and stolen chocolate any day!


3 thoughts on “stolen chocolate and more furry legs

  1. Don’t you love that these moments are special for us, while they’re disturbing to parents of neurotyppies? I have called my friends to “brag” that my son finally lied (social skill!) or got filthy dirty (overcoming sensory avoidance!) or wrote a swear word in a note to me (spelled correctly plus using his words instead of breaking things!).

    My friends think we’re all nuts.

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