fairness, really?

Fairness.  What is fairness? 

Is it fair that my girl has autism?  Is it fair that my girl cannot access the world to get her social needs met in the typcial way?

Is it fair that a typcial girl may not get to throw the ball in one time during a game?

 Is it fair that a typcial girl may play one less minute when the team is ahead by 20 so that my girl can play?

Is it fair that these typcial girls might learn something about life from my girl if she was on the team?

Is it fair that they have sleepovers, go to the mall and have a list of friends to call?

Is it fair that my girl is really really trying and going out of her comfort zone to try out for the team?

Is it fair that this really is NOT about her playing basketball, but being part of a team?

Is it really fair to say that my girl can only fill the water bottles?

(and this really is only middle school basketball afterall)


3 thoughts on “fairness, really?

  1. This seems totally unfair. My school had rules that all registered players had to get some field/court time at some point during each game.
    You’ll be writing an email of protest to the coach, right?

    I am working hard with the school to see WHY she needs to be on the team…it is not about the basketball. For her, this may be the ononly social thing that she does with peers–they need to see the value in THAT! I am working on it! Thanks! :)

  2. I just don’t understand some schools. Being a teacher myself, I know they don’t understand. They don’t have the knowledge to see the power they yield. I work very hard to make certain the teachers I work with learn from me the easy things they can do to help our children. Hang in there!

  3. Nope. It’s totally unfair. If your daughter is determined and eager, I’d say this is a battle worth fighting.

    Sorry to just barge in. I followed your link on Asdmommy’s blog. ;)


    thanks for reading and commenting! It IS worth fighting! ~S

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