snowmobile speed and the words I have waited to hear…

Snowsuits.  Helmets. Gloves. Boots.  Tolerated.

Sitting next to her brothers for a total of 5 hours in the car.  Less tolerated.

Flying through the open meadows at top snowmobile speed. Thrilled.

 To her it was like an amazing 3 hour amusement park ride. 

At the end she was the fastest one out of the suit and helmet.


Another tidbit about the holiday.

After what seemed like forever (to her), she got a cell phone for Christmas.   I called her phone will she was opening it, the look on her face was priceless.

I programmed a select few that she can call or text. It wasn’t a day or two before the visual rules of a cell phone needed to be posted.  To make it easy we stuck with the number 8; no texts before 8 or after 8 and only 8 per day to one person. 

On the positive side of her new found texting habit–she is ‘speaking’ to her brothers a lot more (although they are annoyed at the “hi” texts that are filling their in-boxes), and the very best thing that has come from this little phone.

“I love you Mom”…….via text! 



5 thoughts on “snowmobile speed and the words I have waited to hear…

  1. So glad your snow trip worked out! We tried it too, though with a bit of a shorter drive, which you almost couldn’t tell due to traffic and the constant “are we almost there yet???” Two hours of throwing snowballs and making snowmen was great O.T.! Happy New Year!

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