crying at the movies

The first time my girl ever shared emotion and internalized the pain of others was when we watched the movie, Flicka.  I sat in awe in the movie theatre as she cried when the girl was losing her horse.  I too began to cry as I realized that she DOES feel empathy, she does sense emotion in others and can express her own sadness for others.

Fast forward a few years to now.  Marley and Me in the movies.  My girl and I both sat there and sobbed.  (It didn’t help that we have our own yellow lab at home).

To the typical child/family, crying at the movies may not be a big deal.  But to my child/family and Autism, it is HUGE!

We celebrate those tears as growth!


2 thoughts on “crying at the movies

  1. Sometimes tears are such a good thing!

    I’m thinking I might not want to see this movie now though. I’ll need to get through the rest of this “holiday” break and get back into our routine and get to a happier place first!

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