I have it in my head that I am going to do a Triathlon this summer.  yah.  Swim, bike, run.

I have been swimming a lot since my knee injury. (I see the surgeon again Monday) and have re-discovered my love of the water and the meditative quality of the bubbles.

I am biking as much as my knee will tolerate and running on land is out for awhile, but running in the water is wonderful training.

So, a friend reminded me that I tend to obsess….hmmmm, I guess there is some truth in that. 

This friend also told me that I need to find my own happiness and not depend on others to provide it. 

Three jobs, three teenagers and autism.

Bubbles (for now) are my happiness.


2 thoughts on “bubbles

  1. Maybe this can be an exercise (no pun intended) in going for something without obsessing or staking your happiness on it?

    Love to see what you decide. It’s inspirational to me that you’re sharing this process.

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