Kind of a weird day.   I am off from work, but had to go to a team meeting that started and ended weird. 

I have been working very very hard at recognizing when some body’s OWN issues are being pushed into my space with the intent to take on those issues.  I very silently, in my mind, handed the issues back.   However, there are times when in handing them back my mouth speaks things that my mind is thinking, and it is usually not very nice.  uh well, that might have made the meeting weirder, who knows.

I swam 15 laps with no flippers–my body is getting stronger in the water and it feels amazing.  The weirdness comes in during the incredibly meditative ‘bubbles’….it is soooo rhythmic…blow, breathe, blow, breathe, blow, breathe…..the simple fact I crave that, is weird.

I drove to the grocery store, sat in the parking lot and said, “I really don’t need to go in”, so I left.  Weird.

I went to another grocery store for my organics.  Sat again.  Said again. Left again.  Weird again.

My girl now has hot pink highlights.  Coloring her hair was one of the most typical moments in our life.  Nothing weird other than her hair is very pink.

My girl is struggling to attend basketball practice.   We have not been able to set a meeting to talk about her role on the ‘TEAM’, so for now she is practicing with the practice squad.  She hates it, but I keep finding “reasons” why I cannot pick her up until 4, when practice is over.  I guess here nothing weird, just frustrating.

I teach Kids Fitness this afternoon, usually something weird happens there. 

I am gonna go mediate on this weird-ness that I feel.


2 thoughts on “weird

  1. I’ve totally had those weird days that you described. I find that I feel the weirdest during the winter. Bad weather definitely makes me a little wonky. hope you are feeling more like yourself today!

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