and there was no ego present

For years I have dreamt of teaching Yoga to people with developmental disabilities, young or old they just had to have challenges.

Yesterday I sat at the front of my very first Yoga class for young adults with developmental disabilities.  As the teacher looking out to the eager group of individuals I was overcome with so many emotions; gratitude for the opportunity, pride, love, peace, hope and complete and utter awe.

What an absolutely amazing space to be in where there was no ego. Not a bit of competition, judgement or comparison.

As I left the center where the class was held, I was shaken by the purity in which these young people live each and every moment. 

What if the whole world lived in a place without and ego, without the need to judge, compete or compare? 

My hope is that I can cherish that sacred space in my heart knowing that not only a dream for me came true, but I went away with a much deeper sense of purpose and gratitude.


6 thoughts on “and there was no ego present

  1. Don’t lose heart on your blog; some people DO care, I hope I’m one of them.

    Guard your heart against spiritual pride and be careful not to mistake momentary joy with egolessness.

    Have you investigated the relationship between autism and vaccines?

    • Barry,
      Thanks for your commments and for reading….I am not sure what you mean in your second sentence ‘guard your heart…..’ and would love to hear more….S

  2. On behalf of the parents of the kids you taught, and on behalf of parents of special needs kids everywhere:

    A BIG thank you!

    I am so thankful for the swim instructor and the martial arts instructors my son has had over the years for being brave and loving enough to undertake such a challenge when the majority of other instructors don’t extend themselves.

    I look forward to the day that special needs kids can find classes of every kind, geared to their needs and abilities, and taught by someone who truly “gets” them.

    Thanks again! And good luck with your class.

  3. Wow. I too am so thankful for people willing to take on my son and teach him. I never really considered that I could be that person for someone’s child. Thank you for putting that seed in my mind.

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