quick updates

ohhhh the blog.  Seems it is the very last thing one my list.  It shouldn’t be as it has been just a great place to put my thoughts.  And it isn’t because I haven’t had thoughts.

So  I guess  in order to be more effective I will bullet the latest and greatest:

  • my girl FINALLY enjoys, YES ENJOYS!, shaving her legs
  • I hope that I survive living with an 18 year old boy who is very ready to move on and be an adult
  • I have returned to being a single mother and am enjoying the quieter, cleaner, less stressful but much more frugal house
  • teaching Yoga to developmentally disabled adults is truly the BEST way to volunteer my time
  • I am now teaching more Yoga classes…..out of love and necessity
  • my life has slowed, I am much less frantic…..
  • I find peace in swimming laps, over and over and over and over
  • my injured knee is still injured
  • my 12 year old has the very best “Jon Bon Jovi” hair

stay tuned……I will find plenty more to say…..


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