theory of mind

I used to wonder if my girl would ever develop the ability to take someone else’s perspective or plan her actions knowing that someone else may be impacted with those actions.

We got it!

I now get daily text messages, which is an entire post in itself–my goodness! how it has increased her desire to connect with people!…..the daily text(s) are asking me if I am going to take a bath when I get home, or sometimes if I am even in another room I get the question.  She does not want to take all the hot water and is now making sure that I don’t want to take a bath after her.  Awesome!  Perhaps it is the many times I have shrieked that the water is freezing, perhaps it is the ability to text me the question…..who knows but I like it!

Add in that the girl takes about 5 baths on a given Saturday…..the question is important if anyone else in the house might want hot water….:)


2 thoughts on “theory of mind

  1. That is so amazing. I love how the phone has sparked so many realizations. Stuff she may have been cognizant of but unable to communicate before. Or maybe that it’s been a catalyst for the synapses to start firing. I love it whatever it is. I love hearing the text stories too!

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