and she texts

Who would have ever guessed that a cell phone could become the tool for such communication! 

It is simply amazing that it has not only increased her communication but also her DESIRE to ask questions—-even those silly social questions typical people have decided were ‘appropriate’….(how are you? what did you do this weekend….blah blah blah)

Of course this new mode required some structure and rules:  no texts after 8pm, no texts before 8am and only 8 texts to ONE person in one day and only people in her address book, except for me.  These rules took some time and reminders as I was getting feedback that she was texting at all hours.

Each and every morning on the bus ride to school I get “what’s for dinner?”.   Each afternoon I get “when will you be home” or “are you taking a bath when you get home?’.  I get at least one picture and or video a day; usually a picture of whatever page she has colored, her bird or the dogs and a video of her favorite t.v. show.

My mom gets daily inquires of how her dog is doing and what her dog is doing.   My friend in Phoenix gets the “hi” and what are you doing?”….

Even her brothers get random thoughts from their sister.  Very cool since she rarely talks to them in person.  I haven’t allowed her to exchange numbers with anyone from school because I am unsure of the boundaries or the appropriateness and because this is just a sweet thing that I would hate to get tarnished by typical remarks from teens…..of course that is also a reminder that she really doesn’t have a group of friends that she would exchange numbers with anyway…

It is great to communicate with her about silly little things and for her to ask things about me and others.  I see through texting she is less ‘self’ centered and more ‘outward’ centered.  It is a cool thing.

The very best text that will forever be on my phone was the simple and never spoken words……”I love you”……


4 thoughts on “and she texts

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  2. Wow! Amy sent me to your blog and I was so moved by your story. Go figure that a cell phone would build a communication bridge. And, she said I love you!! :)

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