a new thought

Funny how when life appears to look it bleakest, opportunities and doors open.  One might find it easier to live in the place of being a victim of life’s circumstances or one can choose to step away from that and find the good.  At times it would be much easier to stay in the place of ‘victim’, but I choose not to.

Again I am fighting for my girls rights and fighting hard.  As I left a very heated meeting–that then ended up in the Director of Special Education’s office, without me–I had something hit my like a load of bricks.   Could I do this without the knowledge I have by having the job that I do?  How do parents go from being trusting individuals to the barracudas in the IEP meetings?  Do all parents have the potential to be barracudas?  Do they need to be?  What about the ones that are just plain tired and don’t know or can’t advocate and fight the battles?

Hmmmm, got me thinking.   A new thought, a vision, a voice….whatever…..But I heard it…..”you need to be an advocate”  You mean like I could fight for more kids rights?  I could help and empower other parents to work towards building the bridge in the schools and community?

heck ya, that is exactly what I heard and exactly what I am thinking I am going to be doing a lot of research on in the days to come.

A new thought.  A direction.  A purpose.  Isn’t that what we are all here for?


7 thoughts on “a new thought

    • Hello! thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate your offer! My job is actually the Autism Program Tutor–just under the Autism Specialist in our district….perhaps that is a double edged sword since many times people think that I am coming off as a “demanding parent” when really I am talking research based best practice……I am looking for a way to become an advocate for those parents that just don’t have the knowledge and know how to navigate an IEP and the system….any ideas? S

  1. that’s a wonderful idea!!! There are so many parents that don’t understand the laws, what their rights are, what their children are entitled to, and how to go about getting those things. It can be so overwhelming.

    Good for you!

  2. It sounds like a perfect fit! And obviously much needed. I am always inspired by you. Every post I read about your life and where your journey leads you every day is a testament to the wonderful spirit that lives in you! The fact that you are willing to share that spirit to help others is fabulous.

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