a soul purpose

Recognizing that I am an eternal soul expressing as a human, I ponder the question–what is my soul purpose?  What am I meant to do?  How can I serve?

I realize that for whatever reason, and perhaps collective reasons, I have felt for much of my life as though my voice didn’t matter.  My thoughts weren’t good enough. 

As I look back and review my life and the many events that have helped me to become who I am today, I realize that often times I used my ‘story’, or my ‘history’ to create a mask for my true thoughts.  Maybe somewhere it was easier to tell the story than to tell my true feelings.  Perhaps I relied way too much on my older brother telling me what to think and how to react.  In my weakness, I allowed that to happen.

In my marriages, I made sure that I was heard….but did I ever listen?  Not really listen just to them, but did I listen to me?  Did I allow the opinionated voice to dominate the inner wisdom speaking?

I know this to be true, when you are quiet long enough to actually HEAR the inner voice,  you really have known the message all along.

So is my soul purpose to let that voice be heard?  Am I hear to speak, to teach, to advocate? 

My inner wisdom knows……


2 thoughts on “a soul purpose

  1. Wow. Well said. Once again I’m left wondering if you’ve somehow gotten in my head! I’ve been thinking similar thoughts lately, though not nearly as eloquently put…you’ve given me much to ponder…

  2. Hi Stacie, I used to be completely disengaged from my feelings, it took years (spending sometimes hours in a day) sitting and orientating and determinedly engaging with them (I wasn’t impressed with a blocked heart). It’s about 25 years down the line since starting to do this and having moved so far I can say there is still more. I’m not sure there is an end to this because the more deeply you engage with your feeling and inner senses and perceptions then the more you start picking up all sorts of other ‘subtle’ things. All, I know from this journey is that we are all far away from anything of ourselves, most people hardly function on a ‘real’ authentic level, but it’s worth taking the time to find more of your ‘more’ whole self. I’ve some pages on soul purposes on my web site and I’m just starting to write a section on recovering feelings (over the last 25 years) and what I found while doing this and where it’s brought me to. Have fun.

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