honoring an angel

Tonight my girl and I are honoring a wonderful angel on this Earth.  Each year, special education families are invited to choose one person to honor that may have gone above and beyond to support their child.

When I got the notice, my first thought was to honor her beloved teacher, Patti.  This woman graces the planet with the largest heart and most loving and compassionate soul I have yet to meet.  Each time I asked, I received.  To be quite honest, I am not sure that I could get through the 3 minute speech to say what I need to say to this woman.  I hope that someday, I can find the words that will be enough…..for now, I can say thank you a gazillion times over and it wouldn’t even begin to be enough.

After much thought, I decided to honor the library lady that embraced my daughter.  This woman had no idea what she was getting into, yet she opened her mind and her heart to my girl.  For two years this lovely lady has mentored my girl, listened to the outlandish tales of our home, taught her how to run a library desk, but most of all she showed my girl that she CAN be successful.  My girl’s world changed when she began to feel that kind of  (taken for granted) success.  School no longer was torture, but a place where she could feel like she belonged.

This woman may never know the impact she had in my girl.  She may never realize that she the human first, the disability second. 

After tonight, I hope she knows how much I appreciate her….


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