The big move is getting close.  That means the packing has begun.  And that means the stress for someone that does NOT handle change is increasing at warp speed.

I put a few empty boxes in my girls room and suggested she work on it a little at a time.  I reminded her that we can toss old stuff and just take with us things we use often.  It seems that throwing things away is as equal of a challenge as change. 

After several days of still seeing empty boxes, I offered to help.  She quickly got busy packing her things because if I helped then lots of stuff would be getting tossed.  I explained the joy of opening boxes with excitement for where the belongings can go in a new room and that has seemed to sink in.

She decided she was going to start with her clothes in her closet.  Thirty minutes later, she comes out with a overstuffed box with all her clothes jammed into it.  The conversation went as this:

ME: wow, you packed a lot of clothes!

HER: yep, they are all in there.

ME: uhm, did you leave any clothes out to wear?

HER: no

ME: so what do you plan to wear for the next 14 days?

HER: (pointing to herself)….these

ME: 14 days?  that might be gross.

HER: you told me to pack my stuff

At that point, I opted to just let the box be and when she was busy with the dogs, I unpacked a weeks worth of clothes and tossed the old stuff.


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