settling in and nonsense updates

The move went flawlessly and things are finally feeling normal again. My girl did an amazing job during the transition and continues to amaze me.  My youngest has made several friends in the new ‘hood and seems happy.  The new place is Zen, serene and blessed many times over.  I spent the first day sage cleansing it and scrubbing the floors and walls.  I blessed it and allow only good energy to enter it.  The kids think I am totally nuts for burning incense round the clock, but I feel ‘clean’…..

I had my 20 year high school reunion….what a fun time that was.  While I fretted over what to wear (to the point of frantically shopping last minute) and who I would hang out with, I ended up connecting with exactly who I needed to and had a great time doing so.  I saw old friends and made some new. It is amazing to me how the years have gone so fast and yet it was so easy to pick up where we left off.  I was impressed with so many and look forward to continuing the friendships.

This weekend is my state exams for my nursing.  I have not studied and keep reminding myself that I better get my rear in gear.  I have that on my list to do tomorrow. 

I finally feel as though summer is here.  The long walks, the hard hikes, the bike rides that go for miles and the time in the pool are precious. Planning an outing with the kids each day is fun and the summer evenings of ice cream and red wine!

My girl has applied to be a “junior volunteer” at the local hospital…..she very confidently announced to my brother that she would be doing surgery soon.  Yah….surgery.  She actually requested Emergency Room, because for gosh sakes she watches Untold Stories of the ER everyday!  duh….

The dust has settled….the house is amazing….kids are good….life is quiet….


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