where I have been and wondering

Yesterday was an incredibly blissful day, yet ended with something that challenged the very core me.  I love how the events or ‘coincidences’ in life present themselves just at the time of perfection.

As I stood yesterday with 27 other amazing individuals and made a commitment to continue my spiritual growth and also help to raise the consciousness of this planet,  I was both incredibly proud of where I have come and yet also very much present with the incredible force in which my very breath moves through me.  I had a surreal moment as I listened and embraced the energy of my spiritual community.  I have resisted such a thing for so many years of my life so to be present and committing to this path was truly an amazing paradigm in my own journey.

Beginning to look deep into my soul with the help of therapy and many books, I am learning to listen to that inner voice and know that it truly is the Spirit in me guiding me, encouraging me and reminding me of that self worth that has been so shaky for so long.  So when someone challenges my intentions or my words, I know that it is time to listen and trust what I know to be true.  I am learning to not settle, or try to fit the square peg into the round hole.  Each circumstance that makes me stop and say “whoa”, is that reminder to listen and trust.  Perhaps the individuals in my life are here to test me and provide me with the strength and courage to trust that inner wisdom.  I embrace that rather than resist.

I know that my life is unfolding into a beautiful expression of peace, love and joy.  I accept and open to whatever comes my way, knowing that with each challenge, with each moment of frustration and sadness, there is the wonderful opportunity to be grow.

And so it is.


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