reality sets in for all

The processing speed of my girl is slower than most.  Of course it is….

After 2 weeks in the new house, she is reverted back to sleeping on my floor-something she hasn’t done since she was about 8.  She is scared to sleep in her room and she is battling nightly panic attacks.  So as the boys and I have gotten used to the house and all its sounds, let go of the old and welcomed the new, she is just starting to feel the pangs of change.  My heart breaks to see the insecurity within our home knowing that a new high school and all its change is just 2 weeks away.  I hear less singing from her and she is eager to go anywhere with me, even grocery shopping.  Anything but to be at home.

The dogs have gotten the worst end of the deal with the move.  Their reality is now being stuck on a concrete patio waiting for someone to come along and walk them.  I walk them 4 times a day and the boys run them to the park at least once.  But no cool grass to lounge on, no trees to lay under, no bugs to chase, no pond to drink out of and most of all no shelter from the rain.  I am off today to find doghouses and lots of toys.  They seem content enough and I do my best to walk them and let them run like dogs, but it saddens me nonetheless.  On today’s walk, they chased rabbits, barked at horses and went for a swim in the pond.  I guess it isn’t so bad after all.  I am certain after my black lab chased a herd of cattle the other day, she is happy where we are and loves the open space that is nearby.  Brooklyn my yellow lab is just happy to sit in the pond, nose in the air waiting for the next bunny to sneak out of the brush.

I am not going to push my girl to sleep in her own bed, I have learned long ago that all of that will come with time.  The dogs will adjust.  Chasing bunnies every morning is a trade off to a big yard, at least I hope in their dog minds they can see it that way.


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