Today I begin my next series teaching adults with disabilities Yoga.  I have ten participants with a variety of disabilities both physical and developmental.  I have spent the last few days trying to think about what I will teach and how I will structure the class when finally late last night I remembered that I just need to teach from my heart and it will be exactly right as it is.

I know that today will be a day when I am again, blissfully reminded how blessed I am .  Not just to have limbs that can move and the ability to be independent, but blessed to be given the gift to teach Yoga to these amazing people.  Each time I get in my car after a class, I am overtaken with such a profound sense of purpose.  It is so much more than a little breathing and some stretching—it is a connection to the soul of these gorgeous individuals that struggle most days to do what we take for granted.  There is no ego in these people.  They are pure, present lights that are here to teach us all.


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