the voice

Today I was in a store getting new locks for my house.  I was waiting quite patiently for the young employee to re-key my existing locks.  He struggled with the key and it took a whole lot longer than I had planned. 

After about 40 minutes of struggling with the lock set, another worker came up and said to the key guy “geez, what’s taking you so long, are you special ed?”   WHAT?  Did he really just say that?? 

Again…. he said it AGAIN!  Then he said, “so is the short bus going to pick you up?” He looked me in the eye and said, “sorry, he is kinda special ed”.

The young guy working on my lock didn’t appear to be “special ed”…. and he never uttered a word about the insulting, vulgar and completely unnecessary crap that the other employee was dishing out.

I decided at that moment that I was not going to take on the negative comments  and I vowed to myself that I was going to be completely present with this and send him positive blessings.

I got my locks and my keys and headed for the check out.  As I was standing there waiting to pay, a very powerful feeling came over me.  A voice was clear.  It said, “this is not okay, you need to be the voice, say something”.

I paid for my keys and returned to the key department.  There was no sign of either employee.  Nothing.  I peeked aroud the nearby aisles and I saw nobody.

I walked a few aisles down and saw another employee.  I was in a rush to get home so I quickly approached him.  He politely asked if there was anything I needed help with.  Ahhh, the door was open.  Here was my chance to be the voice.

I explained what was said and how it made me feel.  I explained my job(s), I explained my daughter.  And lastly I explained how every human being deserves respect. 

He listened with compassion and Presence.  He thanked me.  He told me that he was the perfect person to tell this to because he is THE STORE MANAGER!  That was no coincedence…..

I heard the voice of the inner wisdom.  I listened.  I became the voice that others are unable to have. 

A horrific event turned into a beautiful experience that I felt a connection to Spirit, my purpose was again revealed and I know that I made a difference.


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