the end of a summer

Tomorrow is the end of summer vacation from work. And what a summer it was!  I was thinking earlier of all the things that I experienced this summer and the list is pretty impressive, if I do say so myself.  In reflection, I am proud of myself on so many levels.  It seems that in the recent months, I have been given the opportunity to grow more than I ever anticipated.

This summer I:

  • sold and purchased a home
  • moved myself and 3 kids into new place
  • became a Certified Nurses Assistant
  • was hired as a CNA
  • ran a 5k
  • filed for divorce
  • lost 15 pounds
  • had my 20th high school reunion
  • made some wonderful new friends
  • reconnected with some amazing old friends
  • rediscovered the most challenging hike locally
  • started volunteering
  • became a member of a wonderful spiritual community
  • had to surrender my dog to a rescue
  • had a falling out with a family member that remains unresolved
  • listened to my inner voice
  • learned to stay up past 8pm
  • had some heated conversations with my son
  • continued therapy
  • decided to take some college courses
  • lost my meditation practice to chaos
  • stepped way out of my comfort zone
  • accepted what IS

In listing my accomplishments, I am gratefully aware of my strength, my own wisdom and my wonderful children for joining me on this journey.  While there have been tears and sadness, there has also been much growth.

I know that my future is bright.  The options are open, the opportunities there for me to take.  All I have to do is say YES.

I say YES to life, to love, to clarity, to peace, to calm, to understanding, to growth, to learning, to softening, to wisdom, to tenderness, to respect………to ME.


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